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2 Second Jedi Heal and 1 Second Attack
Star Wars Galaxies Exploits
SWG Exploits

Ok this requires you to make a macro with 2 easy commands. The heal macro works with any heal in the game besides Stim Packs. The macro goes:

/forceheal self

This Macro will also work with /bactashot, /bactajab, /bactatoss, /bactaspray,/forceinfusion. Any heal works. When you want to use it hit your macro button 2-3 times and it should heal within 2 seconds.

The regular attack macro is basically the same as the heal one but you just add an attack. 8P Now im a carbineer so I use this...


For Jedi use:


Basically spam those attack macro and you will be able to have legshot or any attack that doesn't have to big of a cool down fire within 1 second of eachother.

All you have to do is get a low SAC weapon or use a SAC pup and you can spam all day. The real good one is the heal macro mix that with stims and ruby bliel and you are set. Now if you end up running your self out of mind Cool be sure to use /equilibrium if you are zabrak -500 health and you get half of your action and mind back 8D.

Have fun using these commands, the combinations are endless and too many to list. Any attack will basically work including Jedi Stasis and Concussion. All I have to say is GEE GEE to SOE!!! Amen h0lLa BAK.

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