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Pet Dupe
Star Wars Galaxies Exploits
SWG Exploits

Ok i know an exploit that for some reason no one seems to know anymore... Its an old one that was enabled again in the last patch thanks to the 15 second call system and is a little bit tricky to pull off as it takes a while to learn how to do it fast, but once u learn it it will let u own in PVP or if u need a little support in dungeons.

Ok here is how it works:

1) have the droid/pet/faction pet you wish to call in your datapad.
2) have some random droid/pet/faction pet that u do not wish to call in your datapad.
3) Go out into the middle of no where outside of any cities and prepare to call your pet.
4) now choose the random pet and choose the call button on it.
5) Now SPAM the call button the the pet u wish to call/temp dupe. Once the timer hits 0 on the first call instead of calling your first pet the first pet will not be called, instead the second pet will be called 15 seconds later. U will be unable to issue any orders or commands to pet as it counts as an NPC. Also the pets cannot die and will follow you whenever u come near them. So if you are an imperial you can call like 100 ATSTs (that would take awhile...) and they would be able to participate in PVE and be unkillable. So if some rebel shot one up about 5 minutes later it would get up from its incap.
6) you have to experiment with this as it is easier to preform with some pets than others.

Also using this trick I was able to pull out 20 rancors with my Master CH.

Hope it works for you. Oh and the pets dont count as being under your control so if they die it doesnt matter u can still call yours. Its pretty funny to fill a cantina with stormtroopers that cannot die and can be healed without getting a TEF.

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