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Post CU Turrent
Star Wars Galaxies Exploits
SWG Exploits

Out of necessity, I came up with a pretty good method to destroy player turrets. As you may know, turrets are the most difficult thing to kill post-CU. Turrets have 300k health, and hit for 500 flat damage at 1.0 speed - I have seen a group of 8 high-level people die in less than 30 seconds to a single turret.

Anyways, if you have noticed, turrets only hurt you if you engage in combat while oyu are within range of them. If you just drive by one on your bike, for instance, the turret shoots at you but does no damage.

Here's what I came up with: get a pet, I use my old medical droid. Stand at 90m from the turret (turrets can shoot out to 80m) and tell your pet to follow the turret. Pet's can't attack turrets but they can follow them just fine. Your pet will run to the turret and stand there while the turret shoots at it. But, since your pet is not in combat, the turret does 0 damage to your pet, and the turret will continure shooting at your pet indefinitely. At that point, move within range of the turret and blast away. It takes me around 15 minutes with a T21 to solo a large tower turret. If the base is a PVE base, I use cover and conceal shot to avoid the base NPCs.

Caution: If anything engages you or your pet in combat the turret "wakes up" and kills you. If anything targetable, like your combatant buddy, moves with in range of the turret while you are shooting at it the turret "wakes up" and kills you. If anything agroes you, even a level 1 scyk, the turret "wakes up" and kills you.

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