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Star Wars Galaxies Exploits
SWG Exploits

This trick can be used for two purposes.

1) Solo Base Buster.
On the smaller bases, ride your swoop right through the front door of a faction base. Once inside, immediately Shift-Escape then disconnect. Reconnect. All of the NPC's will stop attacking you and sometimes you wont be agro'd by whats inside if you walk. Proceed to taking the base out without firing a shot.

2) Avoid Dying.
Got 30 people on your tail and dont want to die (useful for jedi). Run into a faction base and shift-escape disconnect.

The best thing about this is when you disconnect, you are IMMEDIATELY removed from the world, there is no LD avatar in game. You simply... disappear.

Now hopefully SOE sees this and fixes it because Im tired of being able to take down bases w/o help and Im more tired of jedi doing it

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