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Speed Attack Bug
Star Wars Galaxies Exploits
SWG Exploits

You need to get a fast recharge move and a move that takes a little longer to recharge.

2. Put them in your toolbar. and take note the speed of cooldown and windup.

say youve chosen power attack and head hit, put them fairly close together in your toolbar, so you dont have to thumb away to get the move.

press power attack. after its warmed up and executed, press head hit, it will glow yellow for a split second. the millisecond that the yellow block dissapears, press power attack again. youll notice that the cooldown timer only gets to half way before the power attack move begins again.

now, comes the hard part, as soon as the move has been executed,the warmup timer has finished and the move begins, smack headhit again, and repeat as above.

You need to be speed capped to hit every second but you will own once you start using it.

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